Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of an Everest expedition is acclimatisation to the extreme altitude found on the mountain. Mount Everest soars to a whooping 8,848m, once on the summit, climbers will experience the equivalent to 33% of the available oxygen they experience at sea level. Acclimatisation takes time, patience, hard work […]

The journey to Everest basecamp, Tibet

Travelling to Mount Everest basecamp on the North side of the mountain is a very different experience to the South side of the mountain. When I climbed Everest via the South side in 2012, I trekked for 9 days through the spectacular Khumbu valley slowly gaining altitude each day to reach the basecamp. In contrast, […]

An interview by Colin Wallace from Mount Everest the British Story

Before climbing Mount Everest what other mountains had you climbed? The first mountain I ever climbed was Mount Kenya on a school trip when I was 17, from that moment of standing on top of that beautiful mountain I was hooked. Throughout the rest of school and university I would save up as much money […]

Why I am going back – Ama Dablam 2014

The 26th of November 2011 was the worst day of my life. The strange thing is, it actually started off as one of the best. I was in Nepal, climbing Mt Ama Dablam, arguably the most beautiful mountain in the world. A steep, jaggered peak, that from a distance looks impossible to climb. But as […]

Mont Blanc – August 2013

This summer Everest summiteers Mollie Hughes, Alpine skier Chris Lowe and Alpinist Calum Mallory set off to Chamonix, France. Our goal was to climb Mont Blanc the highest mountain in Western Europe, without the use of cable cars from and to the valley. On the 7th of August at 4am we left London in Calum’s […]