Everest 3D Tracking

Right now as you read this Jon Gupta, my mountain guide , and I are on our way to climb Everest on the north side, via Tibet. As well as the live updates posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we should have this fantastic 3D Tracker running allowing you to follow us as we make our way up the mountain!

The map is incredible – it’s a 3D Google Earth type map where YOU can move around the mountains, zoom in and out and follow our tracks each step of the way to the top (hopefully)!

We both have trackers which update LIVE every 10 minutes or so when we are on the move. You can choose various options on the mapping – see the details on how best to use it below.

Mount Everest


(Please do not panic if we are not tracking or updating –  we will not update when we are having rest days or when we are asleep. Because of the cold, somedays we may run out of battery so don’t worry if you can’t find us! Just come back again later! Or check Facebook for updates on what our next move is.)

How to use the 3D Tracking Map

Click on the Photo of Everest below (it’s a link) and it will open the map in a new tab/window. It takes a moment to load (you will see the blue bar along the bottom loading). Once open you’re good to go! However to help you the first time you can follow these easy steps to make it easier to see what’s happening:

(NB. If you get a strange message then you may need to update your browser or use a different one.)

In the top left of the map there are 4 circular icons

  1. Routes – To highlight only our route unclick ‘All Categories’ then click the drop down menu ‘Peak Routes’ and then select ‘Northeast route’ – this is our route to up Everest. A line showing the route will appear on the map.
  2. Layer – this just tells your Peak names, glacier names etc
  3. LIVE Tracking – Click on either Mollie or Jon and our tracks will come up!
  4. Search – not sure why you need to use this, but it’s there

In the top right there are some buttons for HD, Navigation Controls etc

Use the Navigation (your fingers on a tablet or phone and your mouse/touchpad on a laptop) to zoom in and out along our route and around Everest and its surrounding mountains. You should be able to select our tracker for ‘today’ or ‘7 days’ and it will show what tracks/pins dropped we have done during that time period. during

You are good to go zooming around the Himalayas – just click the photo below!

We hope you enjoy following our climb on Everest!

Mollie & Jon