South Pole Expedition 2019

In November 2019, Mollie is taking on her most ambitious expedition to date. Mollie is set to become the youngest woman in the world to ski, solo and unsupported from the coast of Antarctica to the geographical South Pole.

This immense physical and mental challenge will see Mollie ski 702 miles of the world’s largest desert and most unforgiving terrain.
To date, only six women and seventeen men have ever completed this route on skis, alone and without resupply, Mollie will be the youngest woman by 4 years, at the age of just 29

After leaving the south-west margins of the Ronne Ice Shelf, Mollie must successfully negotiate obstacles like crevasse fields and 6ft high wind formed waves of snow.

Her mental reserves and progress will be further tested by the need to haul her 75kg sled into a bone-chilling headwind in temperatures of minus 50C (three times lower than insider a domestic home freezer). Her only companion will be the wind, endless snowfields and a selection of audio books and music!

Mollie, who secured worldwide publicity following her world-record breaking feat on Mount Everest, will leave the UK in mid-November and return in early January when she plans to conduct an inspirational speaking tour about her expedition. She hopes to post updates from Antarctica and during the expedition the public will be able to track her progress.

Mollie’s Antarctica 2019 expedition PR campaign has already begun with huge success, including interviews Live on Sky News, STV, Good morning Britain as well as nation wide newspaper coverage. The PR campaign around Mollie’s Everest 2017 expedition reached
more than 600 million people world-wide including appearances on ITVs This Morning, Blue Peter, ITV news and STV, as well as every mainstream newspaper and radio station.