Camp 1 & Camp 2 Mount Everest

Yesterday we returned to base camp after a couple of very exciting nights on the big hill. We started early sunday morning around 5am, up again through the uncontrollable world of the Khumbu icefall. We moved faster this time due to our further acclimatisation. It’s a weird place the icefall, it almost feels like a […]

Everest Basecamp

I am currently sitting on a rock outside my tent at base camp, prayer flags are blowing in the wind above my head, I am surrounded from all angles by massive white peaks and the Khumbu icefall is sprawled out in front of me, carving the way to the summit, which elusively hides just out […]

Gorak Shep

Currently in Gorak Shep, a very small but busy village and the last point of civilization before Base Camp. Tomorrow we will be arriving in Base Camp and getting ready to finally start the ascent of Mount Everest! I have been trekking for 8 days to get here, it’s been great fun with some big […]

Namche Bazaar

Here we are in Namche Bazaar! This is probably the most famous and largest town on the trail to Everest basecamp. All trekkers and climbers heading for Everest will pass through this great town full of tea houses, bakeries, kit shops and even an irish pub. So carrying on from the last blog… we did […]


When I woke this morning I experienced that split second moment of fear when you have absolutely no idea where you are.  It was super hot, there was a crazy dog barking nearby and noisy birds singing outside.  Then the realisation flooded in….I’m in Kathmandu, tomorrow I am flying to Lukla to begin the trek […]