Antarctica Tent

Antarctica Blog Three – Reactive Planning

On the 26th November 2019, I crossed my first degree of latitude in Antarctica and was now travelling between S81’ and S82’. My expedition to ski from Hercules Inlet to the Geographic South Pole would cross 10 degrees of latitude. All 60 nautical miles in length. My entire route was therefore 600 nautical miles, and […]

Antarctica Whiteout

Antarctica Blog Two – The Whiteout

Within a couple of hours of being dropped at my start point at Hercules Inlet a huge weather front moved in and stuck to me for the first 9 days of my expedition. Storm-force winds, biting cold and worst of all, the whiteout. I couldn’t see more than a meter in front of my face […]

Antarctica reflection

Antarctica Blog One – 600 Nautical miles to go

On the morning of the 13th November, I was sat in the mess tent at Union Glacier camp, Antarctica, drinking coffee and chatting to people about my upcoming expedition. When Fred the flight manager came up to me:  ‘Can you be ready to fly out in 15 minutes, we have a weather window to Hercules […]