An interview by Colin Wallace from Mount Everest the British Story

Before climbing Mount Everest what other mountains had you climbed? The first mountain I ever climbed was Mount Kenya on a school trip when I was 17, from that moment of standing on top of that beautiful mountain I was hooked. Throughout the rest of school and university I would save up as much money […]

Everest 2012 – The Summit Push

The 14th of May 2012, 4am, Everest base camp. We are up and ready for a gruelling 7 days on the hill, and if we are lucky enough we will get our chance to stand on top of the world. Roger and Paul who will be waiting for the second weather window got up early […]

Everest 2012 – Message from Team Mollie

We are delighted to announce that Mollie summitted Everest on Saturday morning the 19th May and got safely back down to basecamp on Sunday night. We have spoken to her and she is in great spirits and wearing her frost nip like a badge of honour. Huge thanks go out to all her backers particularly […]

Pangboche mini break

We have just returned from our little holiday down the valley. We have spent four nights in Pangboche, resting, eating and playing various sporting events (of which I am reigning Frisbee champion!) We have been waiting for a weather window for our summit attempt and had about a week of bad weather so decided to […]

The Lhotse Face

We have just finished our last acclimatisation rotation on the mountain before the big summit push. We reached camp 3 on Mount Everest at 7,100m. It’s not thought that the body can acclimatise much above this altitude and we will start on oxygen at camp 3, so no need to go any higher until the […]