Everest 2012


When I woke this morning I experienced that split second moment of fear when you have absolutely no idea where you are.  It was super hot, there was a crazy dog barking nearby and noisy birds singing outside.  Then the realisation flooded in….I’m in Kathmandu, tomorrow I am flying to Lukla to begin the trek to basecamp and then the climb of Mount Everest begins!   I smiled to myself and felt complete relief that I am here and this project can finally happen!  It has taken just over a year to get here, months and months of training, trying to secure sponsorship, climbing trips and so much preparation.   But here I am sitting in a sticky internet cafe in Kathmandu about to start a BIG adventure.

Last night the SJP trekkers arrived after a long flight, they all seem like a lot of fun and totally excited for their trek.  Also in the group are two mountain guides from Chamonix, one of whom, Emily,  it turns out we both got into this outdoor business through the Dorset Expediitionary Society.  Also in the group is my new roommate Doc Natalie who is the medic for the SJP trek.  And then of course Kenton and his cameraman Keith.  From the stories I heard from Keith last night it sounds like he has done some amazing filming from Human Planet to mountaineering and hanging out in volcanos, he is rather inspiring…

Right off to get some bits and bobs around Thamal and some good coffee (my 3rd today… it’s too good).

Flying to Lukla tomorrow, however completely not looking forward to the flight!  If you don’t know about Lukla youtube it now and wish me luck!  Let’s get this adventure started!

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