Everest 2012

Namche Bazaar

Here we are in Namche Bazaar! This is probably the most famous and largest town on the trail to Everest basecamp. All trekkers and climbers heading for Everest will pass through this great town full of tea houses, bakeries, kit shops and even an irish pub.

So carrying on from the last blog… we did head to the airport on Tuesday, but only to sit in the departure ‘lounge’ for 11 hours, drinking hideous coffee. We were waiting for the weather in Lukla to clear and enable us to land on the 100m runway. However, when the weather in Lukla cleared the weather system moved to Kathmandu, so we could land but not take off… so no flights on tuesday!

After such a full on day at the airport we headed back to the hotel in Kathmandu for the night to try again in the morning. On Tuesday evening a lot of my climbing team had arrived in Kathmandu, we are trekking in separately but I went to meet them at their hotel for dinner. They all seem super cool and I think we are going to have a lot of fun on the mountain!

So Wednesday morning skies were clear and we took the hideous 45 minute flight to Lukla. I hated everyone of those 45 minutes but a lot of the others seemed to enjoy it…..strange!

From Lukla we trekked for about 6 hours to the town of Monjo where we spent the night in a tea house eating Dahl Bhat and drinking lemon tea. The next day we trekked here to Namche and are now on a rest day to acclimatise to the altitude here at 3,440m…..so just another 5408m to the top of the world!

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