Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Mollie is an experienced and highly successful international corporate event speaker. She has spoken at a wide variety of events around the world, from addressing large conferences to team motivation events and even presenting on top of the Millennium Dome!

Mollie is a passionate and imaginative speaker whose presentations are tailor made to her specific audience. All presentations are backed up with exciting first hand photographs and videos to make it feel as if you are climbing Everest or skiing to the South Pole alongside her!

She shows her audience that they can achieve absolutely anything with the right mix of determination, self-belief and team work. She emphasises why controlling fear and resilience can play an integral part in all of our lives – whether that be on a business or a personal level.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Mollie has delivered many online sessions to help inspire teams who are working remotely and also as an impactful way for organisations to engage with their clients.

Mollie's corporate speaking engagements are managed by her agency Speaker Buzz. You can find out more information about her talks and create a booking here.

For speaking enquiries please contact Debbie Byers of Speaker Buzz +44 (0) 7880 300 309 or email

What People Say

“Mollie presented to over 120 of our property investors at our Christmas Family day. Mollie’s story was truly inspirational and scary! Some of her photos and clips were breath taking. Mollie explained the challenges she faced throughout her climb and just what it takes to reach the top of the world. Drawing on her experiences on Everest, Mollie had some very poignant things to say about achievement and what is needed to be a high achiever in any field.”

Gill Fielding Fielding Financial Family, The Secret Millionaire.

“Mollie’s captivating story of her endeavours coupled with mesmerising footage has any audience spellbound. Mollie has the natural ability to take the qualities required to climb to the Roof of the World and make them resonate with audiences as varied as impressionable school children, to hard to impress business communities. Young or old, male or female long after Mollie has left the room she continues to inspire others if not to climb; then certainly to move mountains to achieve their dreams.”

Christine Connor Santander

“Mollie spoke at our kick off meeting in Barcelona for our entire European sales force. Mollie was part of a huge production whereby her story was used to motivate, inspire and prepare our sales representatives to ‘climb to the top in 2018’. Mollie was phenomenal and the effect she has had on our reps will inspire them for many years to come. Thank you Mollie for sharing your incredible and inspirational journey with us.”

Elizabeth Tunley Stryker

“Mollie has come to speak to a variety of our early career and young professional engineers. On each occasion she delivered an inspirational, thought provoking and challenging event which has led to great learning on team work, resilience, determination and humility which has gone on to deliver great value long after the event is over. Thank you.”

Madeline Cranfield CH2M

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